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The following pages take the author through a series of provisions designed to assist the author in determining the rights which are important to his/her needs.

Linked to the description of each right is a portion of text that some publishers and authors have found useful in codifying the various rights. Even where some text already exists - for example in a publisher's agreement- the linked text may be found useful in clarifying the right in question so that all parties understand their rights and obligations.

Some of the wording under a heading includes several uses. In that case the author can insert that wording and leave out other provisions and/or articles regarding that use.

Organisations that fund research often expect authors of research papers to disseminate their results widely and rapidly as possible for free. Some have a policy that after a certain period the results of the research they have funded will be made freely available to the public.
At the end of this section in the Addenda some clauses which are recommended by those organisations, are provided which the author might add to the agreement with his or her publisher.

The key needs for a publisher are dissemination, reuse and preservation. Together with the various rights retained by an author for scholarly purposes, provisions about publication and dissemination form the body of a publishing agreement. Provisions about the key needs for publishers can be found at: Right to publish

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