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There are nearly as many publishing agreements as there are publishers. Practically every publisher has its own agreement containing the terms and conditions under which it wishes to publish an article. For an author it is sometimes difficult to distill from the agreement the provisions which provide the author the opportunity to have optimal access to the journal article.

If the author wants to be sure that he/she retains all the rights needed for optimal access the author could use this Licence to publish. The translations of the Licence to publish are adjusted to the jurisdiction of the countries.

English Licence to publish pdf doc
Dutch Licentie tot publicerenpdf doc
Spanish Licencia para publicarpdf doc
French Contrat d’éditionpdf doc
Danish Publiceringslicenspdf doc
Swedish Publiceringslicenspdf doc
Finnish Publiceringslicenspdf doc
Norwegian Tillatelse til utgivelsepdf doc
Icelandic Útgáfusamningurpdf doc

By signing the Licence to publish and sending it to his/her publisher the author grants the publisher a sole licence for certain copyright related acts which have an economic or commercial objective with respect to the article.

At the same time the author retains certain rights for various, scholarly purposes. This licence makes no difference between pre prints, post prints or published articles but stipulates that the published version of the author's article can be disseminated via an institutional or centralised repository immediately after publication in a journal or after an embargo period of maximum six (6) months.

This licence can also be used in the case of multiple authors. One of the clauses deals with this.

The translations from the Nordic countries were made possible by the CULIS project funded by Nordbib.

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